This is about how you can help mitigate India’s economic distress through a rational, evidence-based approach. We’ve done the research, and published it here, but we need your support to fund those states and areas that are the most economically vulnerable.

This is how you should be thinking of donating:

  • Donating intelligently matters more than just donating. Certain states and certain areas are more economically vulnerable than others. Local organizations have the best local network and reach – donating directly to them is what will make a difference.
  • Donating today matters more. People are running out of supplies, and local, grassroots organizations are getting back their wings as the lockdown begins to ease.


These are our recommendations based on our three crucial first principles when it comes to addressing this vulnerability:

  • Local, grassroots initiatives and organizations know best. While mobility is at its lowest in years, local organizations have the best reach and network to isolate and aid the most vulnerable.
  • Cash relief is the most effective and the most scalable way of addressing this. We have seen that food distribution has been our natural reaction. To be fair, it is better than nothing, but we believe getting cash in the hands of the most vulnerable is the most effective. Why? Because there is evidence. And more evidence, especially in emergencies like this. And more. In a nutshell, cash fuels demand. Yes it can be expensive, but in these times, it’s our best bet.
  • While doing cash transfers, targeting is expensive, so we should be okay with saturation. This means that if 80% of households in India are to receive monthly direct cash transfers, there are bound to be some people who don’t necessarily need the money. This is generally the minority and trying to exclude them can be more expensive than letting them be included in the saturation. In other words, don’t solve for exceptions.

Disclaimer: Please note that we have not vetted every single initiative out there. This is based on what we had a chance to look at and donate to. If you have thoughts / suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

If you want to do choose your own initiatives and do your own research, below is the same dashboard you saw at the beginning.

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